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i have always felt that when you strip down everything except the… - hulia quartino hernando jose benito rodriguez

Apr. 20th, 2005 04:29 pm

i have always felt that when you strip down everything except the bare bones of life, it all boils down to how much we love and our relationships with others. sometimes you see such true beauty in people that you are forced to step back and forget about all the rest. and you forgive everyone that ever did you wrong because you see that they were really just teaching you.

i have squandered my resistance
for a pocketful of mumbles
such are promises

oh, the sweet years of illusions and utopias
of hope, faith, and trust in love and beauty

so fuck you and your untouchable face
and fuck you for existing in the first place
who am i that i should be pining for your touch, who am i
i bet you can't even tell me that much

and this is why my eyes are closed
it's just as well for all i've seen

remember you're gonna get hurt someday anyway
then you must lift your head, keep it there

well i've been afraid of changing cause
i built my life around you
but time makes you bolder
children get older
i'm getting older too

somewhere down the road you're gonna find a place
it seems so far, but it never is
all the things you thought were safe, now they're gone

i close my eyes
only for a moment
and the moment's gone
all my dreams pass
before my eyes
a curiosity

don't hang on
nothing lasts forever
but the earth and sky
it slips away
and all your money won't another minute buy
dust in the wind

so i can be for you what you want to see
i got the gesture and sound
got the timing down
it's uncanny
yeah, you'd think it was me
i do the best imitation of myself

if you're lost you can look
and you will find me
if you fall i will catch you
time after time

drink up baby doll
are you in or are you out
leave your things behind
cause it's all going on without you

are we really happy
with this lonely game we play
we're lost in this masquerade

it's shouldn't be so hard
to find one honest heart

see no one ever plans to sleep out in the gutter
sometimes it's just the most comfortable place

it became obvious
you are so oblivious to yourself

so break my heart if you must
it's all a matter of trust

why, i wonder, is my heart full of holes
and the feeling goes but my hair keeps growing

we're sinking like stones,
all that we fought for,
all those places we've gone
all of us are done for

at the final moment i cried
i always cry at endings

but if the world could remain withing a frame
like a painting, on a wall
i think we'd see the beauty then
and stand staring in awe

thank you stranger
for your therapeutic smile

it's nice to know that people have felt this same emotion since the beginning of time. as for a silver lining: there are some genuinely good hearted people in this world, and their beauty keeps me going.

haven't you heard that i'm gonna be okay

Current Mood: discontentdiscontent
Current Music: choir music-choir is therapeutic as hell

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Date:April 20th, 2005 08:25 pm (UTC)
Julia I love you so much.
I hope you don't think I'm ignoring you,
and as soon as this homework stops
we'll have a long ass talk.

Camp is so soon!
Bye love,
Date:July 30th, 2005 08:45 am (UTC)

and i miss youuuu

I don't use live journal really. And I am not sure if you do. But i just thought that i should let you know that I LOVE YOU..in every way possible!